2019 Tribute Video

Take a moment to look back at the last four years, and see just how far these graduates have come!


Commencement 2019 in Photos

It was an emotional and unforgettable day on Century Avenue, as the NYU Shanghai community came out to support our Class of 2019 graduates for their walk across the stage at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center. See photos and relive those wonderful moments.


NYU Shanghai Celebrates Graduation of Class of 2019


NYU Shanghai returned to the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center May 30 to hold its third commencement in a ceremony that was livestreamed to audiences around the world. 270 graduating seniors hailing from 27 countries, including 140 Chinese students from 26 provinces across China, received both bachelor’s degrees from NYU and NYU Shanghai diplomas.




NYU Shanghai will be honoring the Class of 2019 in a commencement ceremony at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center on May 30, from 2:00 to 4:30 PM. 


Check out our Graduate Checklist to make sure you are staying on track. Meanwhile, families and guests will find useful information about booking travel and planning their trip here


Class of 2019 students will also receive regular email updates about getting ready for graduation.


Important Dates



May 29 | Dean's Morning Tea

May 29 | Graduation Performance & Lighting of the Pearl Tower

May 30 | Commencement Ceremony


For a detailed schedule of events, see the Family and Guests page.


More About the Ceremony


Senior Spotlights

  • Victoria Rusu

    "What I learned there really opened my mind – it gave me the chance to accept myself and the chance to see that it’s really ok

  • Muddassar Sharif

    It took two years and seven failed businesses before Muddassar and his partner launched their data consulting firm, mltrons, in

  • Shirley Zhao

    “I didn’t feel like I was trying to fit into a certain model to get a good grade. I was always simply putting forward what I

  • Savannah Billman

    “Once I started seeing everything the city had to offer, that’s when I really started to appreciate living here."

  • Honey Lera

    Since the age of three, Honey Lera has traveled far from home in pursuit of a better education.

  • Huang Qi

    Guangzhou native Huang Qi ’19 almost missed the deadline to apply to NYU Shanghai.

  • Yang Xiaohan

    “If I had gone somewhere else, perhaps I would still be adrift and unsure, afraid to make my own decisions.”

  • Anthony Comeau

    Anthony started thinking about studying in China in middle school, when a family friend began teaching him Mandarin Chinese.

  • Jackie Hu

    When Jackie arrived, she expected to become a humanities major. Four years later, she is an expert at coding.